Wild Femme

Wild Femme: Accessing Your Power to Create the Life You Want

Wednesday Evening 5:30-8:30pm February 20th-May 8th at The West Philly Red Tent Temple

Friday Morning 10:30-1:30pm  February 22-May 10th at The Reiki School+Clinic

“As a result of working with my core – the root of my Self – I found my self to be lighter! I felt like more my self. I could feel my playful and funnier self taking over, had an easier time speaking the truth, and felt a continuous creative inspiration returning and renewing! And it’s not just me, my students have pursued entrepreneurial ideas, embarked on creative endeavors like writing a novel, got clarity of family roles, and shifted the patterns in their own lives upon engaging in this work! It was like everyone remembered what they wanted to do with their life in a clear and literal way. This powerful class combines shamanic healing practices used in group settings, with the book, The Wild Feminine, to create a holistic walk through reclaiming and healing our creative and powerful self.” – Sophia Hoffer-Perkins

Sophia has created a 12 week course to move through this 7 chapter book. The classes will include:

  • Sharing and processing time for the week’s readings
  • Group Meditation and Shamanic healing facilitated every week by Sophia
  • Group exercises
  • Space to be vulnerable, heard, and to listen
  • A ton of Women’s Wisdom

This journey will be helpful to women looking to:

  • Inspire a dampened sense of creativity
  • Access your deepest vitality
  • Engage with your deep well inspiration
  • Deeply connect with your sexuality and body
  • Heal and connect to your body before, during, after pregnancy, miscarriage, or the other myriad of experiences possible related to pregnancy
  • Be held in safe and spiritual community for your healing
  • Find a natural and organic opening to intimacy (let’s stop forcing ourselves open)
  • Connect or reconnect after abuse *As women we are assaulted in some form everyday and most of us have been so in more intimate ways (including but not limited to physical, emotional, and sexual). Working with this book can help restore a sense of safety in our own bodies*

Located at The Reiki School + Clinic
727 S 4th St. Second Floor

12 Wednesday Evenings

At the West Philly Red Tent Temple 925 S St Bernard St

$600  Register ($100 Deposit)

 Limited to 6 women