Case Study 1
Anonymous, 35
Office manager for family owned construction company
Lost 25 lbs in about 2 months, and unweighable emotional baggage

“I thought I was really funny, but it turned out I just hated myself. I was the definition a self-deprecating pessimist. I have gone from taking refuge in sarcasm and cynicism to having faith in hope, healing, and myself. I’ve re-discovered who I really am, she’s empowered me to take my life back.”

Case Study 2
Linda, 57
Retired Lead Chef of multiple restaurants and caterering companies
Now about to finish her BA in Art Therapy

“I have learned that a body ailment is always connected to something else going on inside of myself. Sophia’s unique gift is her ability to intuitively help you understand what you are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.”

Case Study 3
Natanya, 25
Reiki/Healing Arts, Professional Movement Artist
Leg pains made walking and dancing painful- which was later diagnosed as sciatica. After 23 months (2 years), she is pursuing a career of her own making and is dancing through life. She is happier than she’s ever been before

“Sophia creates some of the safest space that I have ever experienced. I needed someone who would understand that healing is important on personal and political levels, and she understands the social impact of healing work. She knows that all healing is from within a context, and that the process of healing is the process of changing the world. She is great teacher – ready and open to explore and experiment, and encouraging of her students and clients to do the same. She is comfortable with herself, and in so doing, gives permission to me to be comfortable with myself as well.”

Case Study 4
Anonymous, 44
Trauma Counselor
Ignited her creative passions, and is now working on a novel

“As a professional counselor, I recognize the benefits and limitations of more mainstream paths towards healing. Helpful as it can be, medical model-based therapy categorizes people to understand their behavior and problems. It can be a challenge to remember the person behind the diagnostic label.
In Sophia’s workshop, my story was heard as a spiritual crisis, and as a page of women’s history—two lenses that stay pretty dusty in traditional therapy. Through experiential exercises, visualizations, stories and songs, I felt (rather than learned) how to reclaim disowned parts of myself.”

Case Study 5
Michael, 40
Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher
Restoration from Burnout

“Through taking part in her workshop, Sophia helped me realign myself to my spiritual compass.  Her passion in empowering people to heal is inspiring.”

Case Study 6
Zeut, 28
Multi-media Artist and Events Manager
Re-connected to her spiritual practice and faith

“I took the Sacred Spaces and Spirit Guides course with Sophia at a point in my life where I was blocked and self-defeating and didn’t even know it. The support and coaching I received from her and the entire group was absolutely incredible, and instrumental in my feeling strong enough to speak openly about my goals and the path to achieving them. I found new ways to honor, support, and communicate with myself, and renewed my faith in meditation and prayer.”

Case Study 7
Jules, 25
High School Math Teacher, Charter School in Philadelphia
Found perfect career and feeling rooted and grounded in her life in Philadelphia

“The impact of our sessions together is immeasurable. Somehow in the 1.5 years I’ve known her, my career is on track and I feel like I’ve found my life’s work. I am surrounded by a community that I love, and I feel empowered in my relationships with my family and beyond. I started out seeing her weekly for a couple of months and now I only go a few times a year for an energetic “tune-up”. I am so grateful to know her and benefit from her many gifts. If your life is in need of direction or transformation, Sophia can help you find sustainable inspiration from within. This is an investment that I highly, highly recommended.”

Case Study 8

Jessi, 26
Edit-In-Chief of a Magazine
Quit Smoking, significantly lowered anxiety and insomnia, and pursuing dream careers

“Through my work with Sophia I’ve been able to make large life changes and follow my dreams. I’ve moved to Oregon, gotten engaged, started my own organization and magazine, and will begin western herbalism school in March. I’ve learned to create safe space for myself and my spiritual practice, which has really helped my overall well being. Her fantastic sense of humor and emphatic nature make her really easy to talk to. I’m truly grateful to Sophia for guiding me through dark times to create a really wonderful life!”

Case Study 9
Michal, 27
Yoga teacher, musician wellhealingarts.com
Inspired to take a solo retreat, and after a musical dry spell wrote two new songs

“In Sophia’s work you ‘come as you are’ and leave closer to who you really are. I feel safe to surrender to her compassionate guidance as she honors my intuition and body’s wisdom. She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude. No matter how in tune I think I am with myself, Sophia’s sessions, classes, and gatherings continue to reveal where I’m stuck, where I can release, and where I can grow.”

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