Jai Guru Retreat

DSC_0011Does your heart ache for the space to be your whole self? Do you have a spiritual practice, or teach and yet know there is a more authentic way for you to be spiritual? Do you want to know your spirit guides?

Embrace a faith and inspiration that supports your moving towards your biggest dreams while actually appreciating your life as it is now. Spiritual richness sounds nice but so often we don’t know how to get to it. Come and dive deep into your struggles and strengths to find your spiritual self and practice that is waiting in you. Through meditation, paradigm concepts, and real life applications age-old methods of communing with the sacred.

Results for you will be:

  • Feel supported everyday to be who you really are
  • Enjoy the little moments and take big risks
  • Discover the truth you’ve been running from and how to turn that into your power
  • Open to the sweetness of your own spirit

“So much ‘New Age’ work dwells in the conceptual and the abstract. It all sounds very pretty, but I’m just left feeling ‘what the fuck and I supposed to DO with this when I get home? when I put the book the down?’ I think Sophia’s workshops address this question beautifully.  The content of this class consists of practical things that I can physically do at the end of the day, or at the end of the weekend.  And a year and half later, I still have so much to chew on and work with every day.” 

Katy Feniello, in school to become a Nurse Midwife

Join Sophia on an in-depth journey to your own truth and power wherein you will:

  • Contact your spirit guides and learn healing methods from your own ancestors
  • Heal your body/mind/spirit/self
  • Uncover your own deeply satisfying spiritual practice
  • Learn practical and nitty-gritty ways to have a tangible and visceral experience of Spirit 
  • Learn how to bring what you learn into what you teach

Jai Guru: Working With Spirit Guides

The weekend intensive is followed by an 8-week telecourse.

After the soul bursting! Perspective expanding! Life altering weekend! – Then you go home! Yay! Now you go home with support. With simple and real ways to move that authentic self you connected with over the weekend into your daily living. Each week will have supportive materials and supplemental home activities for you to bring the sweetness of self into your whole life. Once a week there will be a one hour awesome supportive and powerful conference call.

2014 Dates and Location up Soon

“… I would say Sophia has never steered me wrong
but also, I don’t see it as her steering
its just that again
she is present
and listens
and I trust her.”

Ilan, 30, Actor

“Through taking part in her workshop, Sophia helped me realign myself to my spiritual compass.  Her passion in empowering people to heal is inspiring.” Michael, 40, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

Do you know how to hold space for others, but feel numb and bored when you go to practice by your self?

Do you sense that no one can handle if you really let go? The good or the bad?

Have you ever thought all this spiritual stuff makes me feel good but then I wake up to my real life, and real life isn’t nice? This spiritual practice starts with the real life mess and from that chaos creates feel faith. This course uses many approaches to get to your authentic self: mental activities, body based practices, emotional reflection, creativity and play.

“I thought I was really funny, but it turned out I just hated myself. I was the definition a self-deprecating pessimist. I have gone from taking refuge in sarcasm and cynicism to having faith in hope, healing, and myself. I’ve re-discovered who I really am, she’s empowered me to take my life back.”

Anonymous, 35,
Office manager for family owned construction company

Do you want to unlock the power to develop your own style of spiritual practice?

Are you looking for practical resources to find a personal connection with your inner wisdom?

Homebrew your own spiritual practice, perfectly tailored to your life and your religious or non-religious background. You can bring you individual relationship with God, Spirit, the cosmos, or even nothing and still discover incredible practices that will bring calm and inspiration and humor into the way you live your life.

“I have learned that a body ailment is always connected to something else going on inside of myself. Sophia’s unique gift is her ability to intuitively help you understand what you are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.”

Linda, 57, Retired Lead Chef

“I took the Jai Guru course with Sophia at a point in my life where I was blocked and self-defeating and didn’t even know it. The support and coaching I received from her and the entire group was absolutely incredible, and instrumental in my feeling strong enough to speak openly about my goals and the path to achieving them. I found new ways to honor, support, and communicate with myself, and renewed my faith in meditation and prayer.”

Zeut, 28, Multi-media Artist and Events Manager

2014 Dates and Location up Soon

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