Red Tent

West Philly Red Tent Temple

The Red Tent is just that – Red like the womb from which we all come. A deeply powerful space and state of mind to which to connect. The Red Tent is about the deepest rebirth, the gentlest and most thorough cleansing, and the wildest and freest peace one can imagine. Its not just about women – its about all of us.

Open Facilitated Sacred Space, healing circles, held seasonally – join email list for updates!

Located in a beautiful victorian house on the 900 Block of South Saint Bernard St
Second floor and comes with Zen Master cats, and visiting playful dogs.

This is a place where bodywork, prayer, mediation, Reiki, song, and healing happens. This space also holds creative rehearsals for bands, dance, performance, workshops and classes, and women’s and non-gendered sacred circles.

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