2 Events this Summer to your Poison Into Medicine

Jai Guru- Working With Spirit Guides
Learn to access your inner Spiritual Teacher

Weekend Intensive – May 31- June 2
+ 8 week Telecourse
, $600

Do you want to unlock the power to develop your own style of spiritual practice?
Are you looking for practical and applicable resources to find a personal connection with your inner wisdom?

Join Sophia on an in-depth journey to your own truth and power. Learn to contact your guides and fully integrate into your life a deeply satisfying spiritual practice tailored to your unique beliefs and truths. The weekend intensive is paired with an 8-week teleclass providing ongoing community and support as you integrate the work more deeply into your life. Are you ready to become your own spiritual teacher?

Portland June 28-30 Register Here

Philadelphia May 31-June 2 Register Here

the following 8 Thursdays will have 1 hr group integration conference calls (includes new material)


Wild Femme Intensive:

Pelvic Floor and Core Revolution

4 Full days that will transform your root, power, and life. Using Tami Lynn Kent’s Holistic Pelvic Care™ methods these 4 days will address pelvic alignment and tension, spiritual understanding of physical, emotional, mental landscape, explore causes for pelvic pain, menstrual issues,  hip and knee tension, sexual dissatisfaction. The workshop will focus on having a creative and nourishing life, that feeds your whole being and supports your body and work in the world.
$800 (Early Bird $720, by June 21st)

On Going 

Red Tent Philly

Empowering Women. Year long groups for teens and adult women, as well as events focusing on celebrating and nourishing the power of the divine feminine.

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