What is Intuitive Bodywork?
It is a modality that approaches each client with the belief that they have the wisdom and
knowledge for what they need, and by trusting my (the practitioners) intuition I am able to hear that wisdom. I then use my training and experience to create an individualized session in the moment.

What is a Sound Healer?
Sounding healing is the practice of using sound to create vibrations that resonate with healing frequencies. I create these vibrations through the sound of recorded music, singing bowls, rattles, as well as vocally using chants, toning, song, and breath. I use this term to share that I have intuitively come to use my voice as a tool for healing. I first discovered it in my own mediation, yoga, and self-healing practice; using Sanskrit chants and toning I have experienced the release of tension of specific areas such as my neck and heart, as well as soothing for my emotions. I have discovered that sound which has a physical effect has naturally merged into my intuitive healing practice.

What is CrainioSacral therapy?
A technique done with light touch to help the connective tissue and bone alignment that helps support the healthy flow of the cerebral spinal fluid. Great for head and back issues, digestive problems, stress reduction, and overall immune function and well-being.

What is Reiki Practice?
Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word and concept referring to the “universal life force energy.” Reiki practice is a healing practice that uses light touch and hovering off the body to access the universal flow, like a meditation practice its promotes wellness, restoration, reflection, and relaxation/ People often describe the effects of it being: “I feel like myself again.” “It like I came home.” “I feel like lighter.”

How long have you been doing this?
I have been placing my hands on people with the intention to heal for as long as I can remember, and began receiving informal training as a young teen. I began my formal training and practice in 2000.

I practice therapeutic non-sexual massage and bodywork.

What should I wear?
This is entirely up to you. I can do a session clothed or not clothed, if you will feel more comfortable in your clothing please wear comfortable flexible clothing. My request is that you are completely comfortable and relaxed when you are on the table in whatever you wear. This often changes for people depending on the day and there are no expectations. I prepare the table with two sheets and a blanket. And yes, I always drape.

Is there anything I should do before our session?
Ideally: be hydrated, not hungry and not full, and moderately clean if possible. Most importantly always, come just as you are.

How many treatments do I need?
The number of treatments very depending on condition, intention, and need. One session can be highly beneficial, and reoccurring have increasing benefits. I am happy to discuss the best course of action with you.

What can I do to help heal at home?
Check out my posts for recent offering of self-care techniques. In general always, drink water (or non-sweetened/non-caffeinated liquids), rest, hot bath or shower, and/or do gentle exercise.

I’m have allergic sensativities. Do you use perfume? General Allergens?
When I use oils, I only used 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. I work out of a low allergen environment at The Reiki School and Clinic. The West Philly Red Tent Temple has two magical cats that also come with, at times, magical dander. If you are allergic please let me know and we will arrange a session in a cat free location.

Is a half hour worth it?
Yes. Although any amount of time, even a 2 minute chair session can have instant benefits, unless I am doing a chair massage event, or have made special arrangements, all sessions are 3 hours.

Does it hurt?
No. At times different techniques can create a variety of sensations, my motto is “no pain, no pain.” Intensity, or acute awareness, as long as breathing continues may occur according to your level of willingness. Intensity is accepted and in certain instances encouraged, but I do not have a painful approach to my practice. I believe pain is a sign to change behavior, and so in the rare event that something is painful, speak up! In a session with me, or anywhere. Communication is a gift to your practitioner.

Can you treat specific ailments or conditions?
I treat the client, and it is the body, energy, or person that heals the condition. That being said, many conditions have been alleviated by bodywork. It you have something in particular in mind please contact me directly.

Is it okay to cry? Sometimes I laugh when getting massage will that bother you? I might fall asleep, is that a problem?

How you respond to the session is perfect. Relaxation, muscle and emotional release, and energy shifts cause all sorts of things. It’s all fair game. Crying, laughing, farting, burping, twitching, sleeping, snoring, sharing memories, needing silence, needing to use the bathroom, needing water, or shifting position are all welcome during a session. Feel free to be as you are and shift as you will, its a gift to the healing time.

Do you take insurance?
Not currently, although check with your insurance company as you may be able to get reimbursed for therapeutic massage with a prescription from your doctor, and I am happy to provide receipts and a copy of my licensed or certificate if needed.

Can I give it as a gift?
Yes, I do have gift certificates.

From where did you receive Massage and Reiki training?
I learned CrainioSacral in a training week at Life Spectrum Healing Conference in 2000. After practicing for 4 years I attended and graduated from Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY in 2005. This is a 1,000 hours certificate program for massage and hydrotherapy, www.flsm.com. I have also received beautiful Reiki I training through the Reiki School and Clinic, www.thereikischool.com, and had the blessed gift to receive my Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho II and Master Practitioner Teacher training and certification under Fran Staret.

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