Morning message by the ocean

The water front is that of the edge of a cliff, or an edge of some other great feat. To come to the edge and dance and sing praises is wise and a joyful thing. It strengthens courage, awakens the heart, sharpens the vision, and tunes the soul. The ocean is both life and death, as any edge, and to dwell in celebration at the precipice is to create peace in the being. It is the same edge we approach during all change. You are wise to see change, and human to fear it, and again wise to love compassionately that fear. For the only thing that melts it is presence and presence is hard in fear. Love helps us show up and stay up. Compassionate love is a flawless approach to fear, change, panic, and the shifting of the times. Which is where we are. Just look at commercials (subtly, the shifting of the age is everywhere) – the people know, want, and are counting on this change – so love. Love Compassionately. Fiercely. Everyday. Amen. Sat nam.

About sophiahofferperkins

Sophia Hoffer-Perkins had made a safe space wherein hundreds of people have heard their own inner wisdom, discovered unconditional love and faith, and developed the power to speak and live their unique truth. She is candid and loving, and brings 25+ years of experience to the work (she’s been at this since stuff she was a child!). She brings yoga, meditation, chanting, singing, and praying to the table. By age 15, she had training in energy healing, bodywork techniques, and clairvoyant readings. At 21 she was a licensed massage therapist with 1000 hrs of training. Through self-directed learning she completed her B.A. in Community Healing through Play and Creative Expression. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and an intuitive and shamanic healer. As a naturally pragmatic, empowering, and loving person, she has combined her training and personal healing journey to translate abstract knowledge into tangible, useable, and powerful things for you!
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