This friday: The East Coast Intensive for Jai Guru – Eep!

I am doing 2 weekend intensives bi-costal!!! Woot woot!

(THIS week) May 31-June 1 in Philly, and

June 28-30 in Portland Oregan.

Each weekend is limited to 12 people so they will be small and intimate.

I follow up each with an 8 week telecourse. Because I personally felt it wasn’t ethical to have this intense weekend and get all blown open to your shit and your glory and then go back to normal life without some support. So the 8 weeks has continued learning and materials and is MOSTLY for support to bring all of the you you claim over the weekend into the rest of your life. So that’s the deal.

Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing and loving me all along. I wouldn’t be where I am today (which is grateful even on the shitty days for my very loved life) if it wasn’t for you, each of you. So thank you. I am truly standing o the shoulders of giants.

If people want to know more about me you can send them to my blog (weird – I blog now, mostly videos.) Although to be honest I don’t quite feel my whole self has made it up there yet – I am practicing… thinking I am going to do more interviews – recording myself by myself is weird… but there is an intro anyway even if its not all me – what is there is me.

So like I said. Thank you and I love you,

If you are curious about what I am doing – just ask, I love my work so I’m happy to talk about it. And I am curios about how you are doing, how is your heart and life and dreams? I would love to know. I believe in you – for realz though. I do. Hugs and kisses,


About sophiahofferperkins

Sophia Hoffer-Perkins had made a safe space wherein hundreds of people have heard their own inner wisdom, discovered unconditional love and faith, and developed the power to speak and live their unique truth. She is candid and loving, and brings 25+ years of experience to the work (she’s been at this since stuff she was a child!). She brings yoga, meditation, chanting, singing, and praying to the table. By age 15, she had training in energy healing, bodywork techniques, and clairvoyant readings. At 21 she was a licensed massage therapist with 1000 hrs of training. Through self-directed learning she completed her B.A. in Community Healing through Play and Creative Expression. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and an intuitive and shamanic healer. As a naturally pragmatic, empowering, and loving person, she has combined her training and personal healing journey to translate abstract knowledge into tangible, useable, and powerful things for you!
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