40 Day Water Puja: Week #8 Prayer

We are on day 33 of our Water Puja!

This is the Prayer for this week which is our 8th! This week its a chant and I am using my blog to post the clip and tune for the chant.

A call a day keeps the drillers away -spiritual practice into civil action for 40 days.

The call to action – the call to being. Being in alignment with the earth,  with each other, with water, and in evolution. You know – that call…

I hear the call.
I know the call.
I call the call.
I am the call.

This is a chant as well. I am working on an real recording but for you all, just in case you like to chant,  I have provided a little clip for the tune.

Sometimes it says “download” but it usually just opens a player in the window:

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